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145 -Cues11 years agoCarl Bangs
142 -Shaped notes (Aiken, fasola, Sacred Harp) in NWC211 years agoRobert A.
144 -Letter-head notes and labeled notes in NWC211 years agoRobert A.
126 -MIDI to WAV; a Simpler Method11 years agoErtugrul iNANÇ
143 -Dashed ties when multiple lyrics lines have different syllables11 years agoRobert A.
140 -Making a catalog of your NWC files12 years agoNoteWorthy Online
136 -NWC to WAV to MP3, WMA, MP4, or OGG12 years agoRobert A.
133 -Placing ornaments, symbols, and graphics in NWC file.12 years agoRobert A.
108 -Measure numbers12 years agoMarsu
141 -Visualizing chord structure in SATB choral music13 years agoRobert A.
111 -Timbres of Instruments on the Percussion Bank (ch.10)13 years agoErtugrul iNANÇ
93 -Notating Pentuplets13 years agoWarren Porter
131 -n-tuplets (vs m-tuplets)13 years agoWarren Porter
139 -How to print measure numbers on every measure13 years agoAndrew Darger Sacher
73 -Entering Multi-bar Rests13 years agoDavid Palmquist
50 -A Method for Exporting *.nwc Files to the *.pdf (Adobe) Format13 years agoFred Nachbaur
137 -Keeping track of where you are13 years agoDavid (in Delta) Palmquist
116 -Locale: Is there a chart mapping the NWC notes durations to French?13 years agoMarsu
134 -MPC Tempo Tracks13 years agoMilton Orgeron
97 -Creating MP3, Wave and CD's from NWC, Midi and related files13 years agoSteve Pearson
132 -Tablature13 years agoSteve Pearson
36 -Printing 2 small pages on 1 landscape page13 years agoNoteWorthy Support
130 -Courtesy Key Signature Change14 years agoPeter Edwards
83 -Printing Parts For Ensemble Members14 years agoWarren Porter
101 -Using Soundfonts with SB Live! Cards and Accessing them from NWC14 years agoErtugrul iNANÇ
124 -Use Colour to Help With Editing Staff Layers14 years agoD.G. Catt
118 -Fine-tuning the horizontal space occupied by music14 years agoRobert A.
105 - Misc: About categorizing tips14 years agoMarsu
120 -Chart mapping of NWC note durations to Spanish14 years agoRamón Pajares Box
55 -How to Make NWC Play Jazz (Specific Instructions)14 years agoRiff
127 -Realistic crescendo timpani rolls14 years agoCliff Bohnson
125 -Going beyond the 8 lyric line limit14 years agoJason Walker
123 -Repeated piano pedal markings14 years agoBrian E Young
122 -Drum Kit Staves14 years agoD.G. Catt
121 -Custom dashes/symbols in your lyric text14 years agoMark Neary
117 -Simple swing delivery into your music14 years agoE. M. Bram
54 -How to Make NWC Play Jazz (continued)14 years agoOlivier Miakinen
103 -How to Make NWC Play Jazz (Another Way)14 years agoKevin Tracy
53 -How to Make NWC Play Jazz14 years agoMarsu
115 -Preparing scores for rehearsal14 years agoOlivier Miakinen
114 -Importing MIDI Files with a Pick Up Note14 years agoHerve Cachelin
113 -Writing Orchestral Percussion and Drum Staves14 years agoFred Nachbaur
110 -Faking special endings with layering14 years agoErtugrul iNANÇ
109 -Echo Effect in NWC14 years agoFred Nachbaur
112 -Accentuating Lyrics (Layering)14 years agoErtugrul iNANÇ
85 -Getting Rid of Negating Natural Signs14 years agoRichard Woodroffe
46 -Notating for Guitar14 years agoFred Nachbaur
107 -Transposition including a Coda14 years agoSimon Gray
106 -Misc: Tips: Going Directly to the Letter L14 years agoMarsu
69 -Transcribing and duplicating the sound of odd numbers of notes in an even time14 years agoMal
41 -Misc: Adding Shortcuts to Tabs in Template Selection14 years agoMarsu
45 -Misc: User Group Mail List14 years agoMarsu
102 -Changing Tie and Slur Direction for the Entire Staffn/aDavid Chapman
100 -Ending Bar Justificationn/aPeter W. Jonas
99 -Labeling Grand Stavesn/aJason Walker
98 -Headers and Footers - Another Methodn/aJason Walker
96 -Writing for Transposing Instrumentsn/aGeoff Walker
95 -Using Headers and Footers for your Printn/aAl Stevens
94 -Adding Refrain Lyrics So They Highlight During Note Chase for Every Versen/aAnonymous
92 -Combining Phrase Marks and Simple Slursn/aPete Pohlhammer
91 -Beaming Quavers/8th notes in Groups of Four in 4/4 timen/aGeoff Walker
90 -Hiding Accidentals in Layered Stavesn/aJason Walker
89 -User Font: Using a Music Font Like the Bach Fontn/aCarl Peterson
88 -Printing Multiple Songs on a Pagen/aNoteWorthy Support
87 -Getting Lyrics to Highlight with Flow Directionn/aAnonymous
86 -Musical Instrument Range Chartn/aDavid Palmquist
84 -Web Publishing and Sharing Filesn/aSteve Pearson
81 -Numbering Lyric Linesn/aNoteWorthy Support
80 -Transposing Woodwinds, Horns and Trumpetsn/aD.G. Catt
79 -Flow Direction for Da Capo Loopsn/aD.G. Catt
78 -User Font: NWORN NWC Extra Ornamentsn/aD.G. Catt
77 -Aligning Last System When Using System Breaksn/aNoteWorthy Support
76 -Blank Staff Papern/aNoteWorthy Support
75 -Glissando Playbackn/aAnonymous
74 -Transcribing Divisi Partsn/aDavid Palmquist
72 -User Font: cresc.ttf - Writing Cresc and Dim signs (< and >)n/aPierre Schmidt
71 -Notating Concert Band Percussion Partsn/aJohn Cook
70 -How to Create a Harmony of Thirds for an Existing Melody Linen/aJohn in Brisbane
68 -Acciaccatura Sound and Printn/aD. G. Catt
67 -Working with Repeats, Flow Directions and Special Endingsn/aNoteWorthy Support
66 -Metronomen/aNoteWorthy Support
65 -Entering Sharps and Flats for Chord Symbols with the NWC Fontn/aMichael Morse
64 -Muting Part of a Staff When Using Hidden Staff for Playbackn/aChris Phoenix
63 -Sound Effectsn/aHugh Marlor
62 -Printing a Song with Varying Number of Staves / Printing One Song After Anothern/aNoteWorthy Support
61 -Keep Printed Ink from Runningn/aCarl Bangs
60 -Fingeringn/aTed Eddy
59 -Keeping Book Pages Open While Notatingn/aDon Ferguson
58 -Changing Clefsn/aEugene D Cormier
57 -Using Stereo to Affect Volumen/aPhil Martin
56 -User Font: Boxmarks.ttf Music Symbols Fontn/aBarry Graham
52 -Another Supplement to Printing to .pdf Formatn/aJohn Pilkington
51 -Supplement to Printing to .pdf Formatn/aSteve Pearson
49 -Inserting Groupings such as 5, 7, 9n/aSasha von Dassow
48 -Instrument to instrument transposition guiden/aGarnett Lee Henley
47 -Notating Using the Numeric Keypadn/aPeter Boyd
44 -Highlighting Two Different Lyric Lines at Oncen/aRichard Woodroffe
43 -Adding a Harmonic Indicationn/aScot Boyd
42 -NWC as an Ear-Training Tooln/aG. Adam Stanislav
40 -Spread Chords with Grace Notesn/aRichard Woodroffe
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