Using color

You have control over the color of the printer default, staff label panel, editor background, active background, active staff, inactive staff, active hidden notation, inactive hidden notation, play highlight and 7 highlight colors. To access the global color settings, go to Tools: Options, Color tab.

The highlight colors are accessed when you select a note, rest or other item and want to assign a color to it. For example, to set a note to a highlight color, select a note, press Alt+Enter and under the Visibility tab, set Item Color to one of the highlights. To set the entire staff (the lines) to a certain color, with nothing selected, press Alt+Enter, Visual tab, Color - select.

The highlight colors can also be accessed from the Toolbar for selected items and items you are going to enter. If you cannot see that toolbar, go to View: Toolbars, Customize – from Available Tools select the Item Colors. For quick access to the colors, use the back slash ().

Coloring Notes vs Noteheads – how and why?
Just the notehead can be colored (leaving the stem the printer default color – or a different color) or the entire note can be colored (note and stem). One example is for handbells. You may want to color different notes in a chord leaving the stem a base color.

Keys to Setting Color

I accidentally colored notes and want them back to black

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