Piano Keyboard Toolbar

You can choose if you want the piano toolbar showing or not with View: Toolbars, Piano – check to show or uncheck to not show on work space. Like the other toolbars, you can click and drag the piano around – just click on the double lines on the left of the bar to move it from the starting location.

To change the size and number of keys of the piano, use View: Toolbars, Piano Style: Here you will see a large selection to fit your computer screen size and your composing needs. The “All Keys” selections include all the keys supported by NoteWorthy Composer. However, the Standard 88 selections are the keys available on standard piano. If there is a need for the keys to wrap, this is done in the lower octaves.

What can I do with this piano bar?
Following are some of the ways you can use the piano bar for note entry and play back.

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