Noteworthy Composer includes several templates to get started on a song faster. You can see the templates provided when you go to File: New. They are listed under the General, Custom and Rhythm tabs.

If you often use a set number of staves, with the same time signature and key signature to start a song...you can create a template for that.

To create a template from start:

  1. Use File: New to start and create your song file

  2. File: Save As

  3. Save under the folder that makes sense for your - Template, Rhythm or Custom ( C:\Program Files\Noteworthy Software\NoteWorthy Composer 2)

Now you have a new template the way you want it. When you enter Ctrl+N, your template will be there.

You can also change the templates provided in NoteWorthy Composer and save them as new templates. To change an existing rhythm template and save as a new rhythm template:

  1. Open the rhythm that you want to change - File: New, Rhythm tab

  2. Edit the template as you want

  3. File: Save As

  4. Save file under C:\Program Files\Noteworthy Software\NoteWorthy Composer 2\Template as whatever name you want

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