Staff - add, connect, space, # lines, break, print size

Add Staff
To enter more staves use Staff: New Staff or the quick key Ctrl+A. The Staff menu is where you add, move and delete staves.

Add Space Above or Below a Staff
Staff: Staff Properties, Visual tab. Increasing Upper boundary will add space above the staff. Increasing Lower boundary will add space below the staff.

You can also increase the area around just a section of a staff with Insert: Boundary Change, set new boundary offset.

Change the Number of Lines from 5
For the active staff, go to Staff: Staff Properties (or press F2). Under the Visual tab, in the Staff Lines field, set the number for the staff.

Line Break and Right Align Last System
Insert: Bar Line (Decorated), under the Bar tab, check Force System Break.

When selected for a bar line that appears in the top staff of a system, this option will force a new system to be started, starting with the next measure. This option only has an effect when used with bar lines in the top most staff of the system. It is ignored when it appears on bar lines in lower staves.

You can also use this option to pad the final system in a printed score. Simply add a final bar line in the top staff as the very last item in the staff. Add the Force System Break to this bar line, and this will force the final system to be padded just like the other systems in the printed copy. This is demonstrated in the following example file:

Example of padding the final printed system

You can also force a break when you edit the top staff with Insert: Boundary Change - check Force a new system.

Staff Size
To increase or decrease the size of the printed staff, go to File: Page Setup, Fonts tab, then use the Change button to change the Staff Size. You can also change the symbol typeface used by the staff notation.

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