Copy score to another application, like a word processor

If you are writing a paper on music or putting together a music test, you may want to insert parts of staves or songs from NoteWorthy Composer into another application, like a word processor. To do this:

  1. Create the staff section or song that you want to move to another application and save it.

  2. With the file open, select the File: Print Preview.

  3. Use Ctrl+C to Copy or use the 3 horizontal line icon.

  4. Select a file format *.emf or clipboard.

  5. Next, paste (Ctrl+V) to your other application. The Print Preview Copy feature copies pages at half of their actual printed size. You can make the copied page match the actual printed page by simply doubling its size in the other application.

Tips: Some variables to change in the Print, Page Setup and Printer Setup commands for better performance:

The command Edit: Copy Special can also be used to copy a section of the song to paste into another application.

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