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4807  NWC to Musix XML10 years agoJames Lee10 years ago0
4806  Help with Adding Rests10 years agoSarah Burns10 years ago1
4805  Making recordings of Nwc 2 files10 years agoJack10 years ago1
4804  Convert Notes to rests10 years agorola2510 years ago1
4803  Printing Staves Individually10 years agoRob Manser10 years ago2
4802  Why is NWC still not officially released yet???10 years ago!ME!10 years ago1
4801  print file10 years agorikbel10 years ago1
4800  How to Arpeggiate A Chord? HELP10 years agoKei10 years ago2
4799  Guitar Chords10 years agoBenjamin10 years ago6
4798  Repeat Question10 years agoJosh10 years ago6
4797  It ignores my coda!10 years agoDuckygal10 years ago2
4796  How do I apply 2 syllables to one note?10 years agoJoshua10 years ago3
4795  I need help.10 years agoMr. Ted Goerganjes10 years ago10
4794  how do i get the nwc files in the first place10 years agohelp10 years ago11
4793  Dynamics between two tied long notes10 years agoMario10 years ago12
4792  "Notate And Play" option disappeared....?10 years agoDavid10 years ago2
4791  ascending and descending gliss10 years agoMario10 years ago4
4790  NWC to MIDI10 years agoMario10 years ago3
4789  Quintuplet10 years agoMario10 years ago2
4788  Apostrophe in lyric line10 years agoGraham Harrison10 years ago6
4787  MSB and LSB question10 years agoMatthew_Collinson10 years ago0
4786  ear pain10 years agoRudolf10 years ago8
4785  Equal Temperance and Just Intonation10 years agoKen Natton10 years ago36
4784  NWC & Classical Guitar10 years agoF.Kurka10 years ago4
4783  Eric??10 years agoJosher10 years ago2
4782  Tacet10 years agoJosh10 years ago20
4781  bar lines across staves10 years agoStephen Barbour10 years ago1
4780  bar lines across staves10 years agoStephen Barbour10 years ago0
4779  Pedal bug on some but not all!!!10 years agoJosh10 years ago2
4778  Address of your company10 years agoHelenru10 years ago2
4777  Multiple Instruments on a Staff10 years agoLuminescence10 years ago2
4776  transpose tenor to alto sax10 years agojay10 years ago8
4775  IK BEN TERUGGEKOMEN!!!10 years agoDATKIND10 years ago23
4774  Legni - Tr. sord.10 years agoPeter10 years ago10
4773  Notes on top of rests10 years agoDavid Matie10 years ago3
4772  Wish List items10 years agoJohn H10 years ago7
4771  Connecting a MD-992 to PC.10 years agoKyle10 years ago2
4770  Overlapping chords with runs10 years agoNathan Plowman10 years ago18
4769  sequencing10 years agorikbel10 years ago5
4768  tranferring cassette music to a cd format10 years agoRich10 years ago4
4767  Prodikeys11 years agoSwamplady10 years ago7
4766  Sharps and flats11 years agoBart ODB10 years ago12
4765  Very strange playback problem (unlike rest)11 years agoMike Wilson10 years ago4
4764  Bar lines11 years agoRoo11 years ago3
4763  Odd Drum Sounds11 years agoTeodore10 years ago3
4762  Importing Midis11 years agoNewUzer11 years ago4
4761  MIDI bulk dump11 years agoshipahoy11 years ago2
4760  Problem e-mailing score11 years agoGraham Harrison11 years ago12
4759  note worthy software11 years agopaul11 years ago4
4758  I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!11 years agoCTB11 years ago1
4757  O/T Recording / mixing advice needed11 years agoRob Manser11 years ago0
4756  What NWC 2 SHOULD HAVE!11 years agoklerg11 years ago21
4755  Switch from Treble Clef to Bass Clef11 years agoJosh10 years ago9
4754  2/4 against 6/811 years agoRKDYork11 years ago6
4753  put the guitar chords above the staff as seen on the notes?11 years agoJay11 years ago3
4752  Hi!! Im new here!11 years agoSo cool and so talinted!11 years ago6
4751  up-bow, down-bow?11 years agoseskanda11 years ago9
4750  Horse sound11 years agoGus11 years ago3
4749  NoteWorthy under new management?11 years agoJohn Hinsley11 years ago46
4748  What to do about recent illiterate forum posts11 years agoRick R. Lim11 years ago9
4745  Printing Titles11 years agoJoe Scap11 years ago2
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