anyway I can convert MIDIs into mp3s or Waves

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View the msg source Started by Mr B on 2001-03-17
just want to know because I want to burn some video game music that I miss from my childhood long ago and I got all the MIDI's but need to find out how to burn them if at all possible

View the reply source  Reply 1 by Steve Pearson on 2001-03-17
There are numerous options and programs discussed at length at various points in the forum. Use the search engine to tie into some of the threads. You can probably find a thread or term that relates to the particular player you prefer (CoolEdit, MusicMatch, etc.)

View the reply source  Reply 2 by John Ford on 2001-03-19

Try Shareware Music Machine at:

They have lots of free and low cost shareware, music related software that will allow you to record the output from NWC (or any other MIDI source for that matter).

The bottom line is that you will need another program to capture the MIDI output from NWC to record it to a WAV or MP3 file (which is what you'll need to put the songs on a CD).

Hope this helps.


View the reply source  Reply 3 by Arnold on 2001-03-20
There is a great midi-tool, including a midi-to-wav converter called Timidity. You can download from

It's a lot of data (21 Mb) because it uses its own midi-patches. Go to the mentioned URL, click "Getting TiMidity++", click the link "Easy TiMidity and Eawpatches installer & updater", click the link "Download the installer" and be patient, really patient. It takes a lot of time but it works perfectly. The site explains also why it is so difficult to convert midi to wav or mp3. You can also take a look at

Converting the WAV's to MP3 use MusicMatch Jukebox, WinAmp etc. ...

Have fun!
Arnold (from Holland)

View the reply source  Reply 4 by Dave on 2001-03-26
You can convert an NWC file to a wav file using Windows sound recorder. Have both programs running and visible, convert the new sound recorder file to highest quality using the configure button, then comes the trick. To get around the 60 second limit press record, let the sound recorder record silence till it stops, then go to edit/copy then edit/ paste-insert to get as much time as you need for your music. Save this lengthened file as BLANK.WAV. Now open the BLANK ssound recorder file, press the record button, then press the play button in Noteworthy Composer. YOur music will be recorded as a WAV file. Just be sure to save it under a different name using Save As in sound recorder's file menu.

View the reply source  Reply 5 by Chagall on 2001-03-27
Check out this archive from this forum, I just found it two days ago, and already put up three of my pieces on!

Hope that's useful to you.


View the reply source  Reply 6 by Paul C. on 2001-03-31
You can do the same as Reply #4, but Windows Sound Recorder only handles 60 seconds.

Go to and download Goldwave and Lame (an MP3 encoder).

Install as directed.

You now can record NWC playing to Goldwave. Then, from Goldwave, save as an MP3. Select the file attributes you want, sampling rate, etc.

If you save as a WAV, chose 44.1 khz sampling rate, 16 bit stereo, and you can use Adaptec to burn a CD that can be played in any CD player. Make your own CD demos!

For some heavy duty work... Power Tracks 7.0 (get 6.0 demo version to try this out) from PG Music (Band In A Box), It is about $32 with manual and CD. This is a 48 track recording program.

You can save NWC as a MIDI type 1, and drag and drop the midi onto the Power Tracks icon (or its shortcut). It will open Power Tracks, put each MIDI channel on a separate track. You can pan these left to right, add chorus, reverb, other effects, including EQ. You can add wav tracks (vocals from mic, etc).

This work can be saved (cannot save in the demo version) as a wav or MP3.

View the reply source  Reply 7 by Barry Graham on 2001-04-01
I've mentioned this in another thread but at the risk of boredom I'll mention again here.
You can record a midi or an NWC file direct to mp3 format using Musicmatch Jukebox. (The free version works fine).
Download at

Set the recording source to system mixer.
Set Output to mp3 128kbs bitrate.

In Windows volume control mixer set midi as a recording source.

Load a file into NWC and play.
Press record in Musicmatch.

It's that simple.

User Steve Pearson sent us this tip some time ago.

View the reply source  Reply 8 by Jay on 2001-04-15
What I do is set my recorder from the soundcard (SB value live!) on and the setting to 'what you hear' and then playback the midi file either through NWC or having exported a midi file through the SB card's playback. I imagine that other soundcards offer similar things-j

View the reply source  Reply 9 by Duncan Fitzgerald on 2002-05-28 23:33:51
I have a question for Barry Graham. I tried your midi to mp3 via musicmatch jukebox however, I could not figure out how to set midi as recording source in the windows volume controll mixer. How do I do that? I am using windows xp and don't understand what you are talking about. I tried to record a song but it didn't work. Please walk me through this step if you could. Thank you.

View the reply source  Reply 10 by Jubal Baca on 2002-05-29 08:04:40
The recording of a NWC file to WAV makes it without problems, so:

NWC---> MIDI Keyboard---> Program SOUND FORGE---> WAV
(PC-1) (Korg) (PC-2)

In this way, I don't utilize the sounds of AWE 64. The sounds generated by the Korg is good, and the resulting recording is very good.

The WAV files I convert them to MP3, utilizing the MPEG SUITE program (it is free)


View the reply source  Reply 11 by NoteWorthy Online on 2002-05-29 10:26:45
  1. In your Windows Volume control, go to Options | Properties
  2. click on Recording,
  3. then make sure Midi is checked.
  4. Press OK.

    You are now looking at your Recording mixer, rather than play mixer.
  5. Check Select under the MIDI column.

    Slide the MIDI volume as necessary to get good results.

Your copy of MusicMatch may support direct selection of recording source (one of my newer copies has an Options | Recorder | Source menu for just this purpose). If it does, you should probably use what is provided in MusicMatch.

View the reply source  Reply 12 by ellioflyus on 2002-05-30 22:50:49
To record MIDI to WAV with sound recorder, you may have to connect the speaker out and microphone in with the speaker cable for it to work.

I had to, at least.

View the reply source  Reply 16 by on 2002-11-13 23:10:24
Followers of this thread may find user tip #126 useful.

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