how to download a MIDI from a web site

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View the msg source Started by leeneia on 2002-08-14 14:06:39
I used to be able to go to a music web site, click on a MIDI file, hear it and then save it as a MIDI file. Then I could use NWC to retrieve the file, edit it and print it. (I use Windows 98.)

Since then, my computer has been in the shop and a lot has changed on it.

It's a long story, but now my computer opens a MIDI file with Windows Media Player 7. Media Player can't save anything. The same is true of Noteworthy Player. THere simply is no "Save" or "Save As" anywhere on it.

I have tried following NWC's directions for changing players, (Explorer-View-Folder Options-File Types-MIDI-Edit) but I wind up at a screen which asks for Action and Application, and I don't know what to type. I also don't know which player to select.

I used to have SoundBlaster, but I got rid of it. There was something wrong with it, and it was causing all kinds of problems for my computer. So that's out.

Do you suppose RealPlayer could solve this problem? It seems to me I used to have it.

View the reply source  Reply 1 by Cliff on 2002-08-14 15:08:07
I do a lot of MIDI work. The easiest way to save a MIDI off a website is :
RIGHT click with your mouse on the MIDI file name;
In Internet Explorer, Choose "Save target as" or if you are using Netscape, choose "Save Link as";
Choose a location on your PC in which to store the file.

After that you can open it with WIndows Media Player, or Real Player, or you can import it into NWC.

View the reply source  Reply 2 by Barry Graham on 2002-08-14 18:42:21
I downloaded Mplayer 7 and was frustrated at not being able to save downloaded midi files from the player.
I went back to Mplayer 6.
Right clicking a file is OK but I prefer to hear the file before I save it.
You might also consider Van Basco's Midi / Karaoake Player - you can download for free and it will save your files after you audition them.

View the reply source  Reply 3 by leeneia on 2002-08-14 23:12:57
Thanks for the tips. It never occurred to me to try saving it before playing it.

One never knows, do one?

View the reply source  Reply 4 by Matthew on 2002-08-14 23:49:18
There's also a problem out now where big sites like are not legally able to let you download MIDI files. (That mp3 copyright fraud thing went a little too far here, but that's just IMO). So no matter how you try to click on it, the download won't happen unless you go weeding in your Temporary Internet Files folder afterwards.

View the reply source  Reply 5 by Fred Nachbaur on 2002-08-15 02:31:35
There again, VanBasco to the rescue. It will let you save files whether or not the source site wants to let you.

View the reply source  Reply 6 by Steve Pearson on 2002-08-15 02:43:58
Quick followup on Barry Graham's comments.

After a midi file plays through, can go to the Temporary Internet files under Windows. Find the midi file (through use of the "find" tool) and resave it.

Probably is easier to simply right click in the first instance. If the midi proves less than desireable, the file can be readily deleted.

View the reply source  Reply 7 by Marsu on 2002-08-22 07:09:09
about right-click: sometimes it's not accepted when done with the mouse only. Here is how to do a right click without the mouse:
1. select the link you want (with TAB key, or with the mouse: left button down on it, then move nearby, then release the button)
2. use the "right click key" (if a W95 keyboard): the one with a small contextual menu on it (just between the RIGHT "Windows" key and the right control), or use Shift+F10.

The popup menu should appear (sometimes in the upper left corner of the window or screen).

There are other ways, but it would be much more off-topic ;)

Back to topic (NWC): "right-click key" works wonderfully with NWC :-) (Shitf+F1 doesn't)

View the reply source  Reply 8 by John S on 2002-09-11 17:31:03
I can download the file but can't convert it to NWC without it having multiple staves.
eg Piano music from a midi file off a website ends up with four staves not just the normal 2.
I tried editing import statements but ended up losing various sections of the tune.

View the reply source  Reply 9 by DaveC on 2002-09-18 12:13:15

have you tried looking at the MIDI file using a MIDI Editor rather than NWC? You can then see the original instrument tracks as the file was put together, and usually view in notation as well.

It could be that the file was originally put together that way - I have been known to split my own piano or organ parts into more than 2 staves to take advantage of the timing, volume and panning flexiblity that it gives me.

If a MIDI file is being put together as a MIDI file it is not so important that it looks notationally "correct" in the traditional sense, just that it sounds the way you want it to.


View the reply source  Reply 10 by kurama on 2002-10-23 07:36:26
Thanks for those who knows how to save the midi, thank you very much to that person thank you, thank you.

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