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View the msg source Started by chaye on 2003-11-06 05:47:23
I use DESIGNER of BUSINESS OBJECTS and some documentation
can be print from DESIGNER concerning, integrity, objects,
etc... I want capture these documents in a word file but
the alone possibility is to print in a file but the extension is PRN and not readable.

How to do this?

View the reply source  Reply 1 by Robert A. on 2003-11-06 10:09:39
Wrong forum to ask that question, since most users here would not have that software. But you can try this: If the software cannot export (or save as) to a format readable by Word (did you try Rich Text Format?) by may be able to place you results into Word as a grahpic image.

Users of NWC software often do that, to place musical notation into a document. NWC allows its music page images to be copied out as Windows Metafiles (WMF) that can be placed directly into Word.

Can your program export metafiles, bitmaps, or something like that? If the amount of visible space occupied by your work is not too large, try screen capture, put the result into a graphics program, crop it, and place the image into Word.

You can also use Ghostscript and GSview to create bitmap images of your pages, which can be placed in word. Using these programs is extensively discussed in other message threads (use the search capability), so there is no need to ask it here.

View the reply source  Reply 2 by llucyy on 2003-11-06 15:27:30
PRNter programm from ZDNet Downloads will print to file as a .prn file and then if sent to another PC will print out if that PC also has it.

View the reply source  Reply 3 by Quentin on 2004-01-01 17:56:32
ZDNet redirects to but that does not seem to exist anymore.

View the reply source  Reply 4 by Quentin on 2004-01-01 18:13:26
Or if you only have a small number of files (as.prn) and you don't want to install more software try for "Gernot's interactive postscript to PDF converter"
for an online prn to pdf converter. Quite neat

View the reply source  Reply 5 by dan on 2004-01-14 01:32:08
Here's How to 'Print to *.PRN file, then Print out *.PRN file '

There are three pieces to this method.

A) Set up a new entry in the Printers folder.
B) Create a (two line) batch file (printPRN.bat).
C) Associate PRN file type with printPRN.bat file.

A. Set up a new entry in the Printers folder.

1. From the Start menu, select Settings > Printers, the Printers window will pop up,
showing an icon for each of the printers you have at your disposal, plus an icon called
"Add Printer".

2. Double click on this icon.

3. The Add Printer Wizard window will pop up, click on Next.

4. Select the manufacturer and model of the printer you will eventually send the .prn files to. {Rather than scrolling through the entire list of manufacturers, just press the first letter of their name (e.g. H for HP) on the keyboard and the list will jump to the manufacturers}
starting with that letter.

5. Once the correct manufacturer / printer has been selected

Click on Next. Keep the existing driver for this printer,

click on Next. You will be shown a list of ports,

select the one which says: "File: Creates a file on disk",

click on Next.

6. Enter a name for this printer, e.g. "HP Laserjet (FILE)" and select whether to use this printer as the default,

click on Next. Don't bother 'printing' a test page,

(Perform the above procedeure for each printer you plan to use in this way.)

click on Finish. If you now 'print' to this printer a dialog asking you the name of the file to print to will pop up.

B. Create a (two line) batch file (printPRN.bat)

1. Using NotePad (or the like), Create a file called (in this example) printPRN.bat .

2. Enter the following two lines (exactly as shown):


3. Then 'Save as' c:\printPRN.bat .

C. Associate PRN file type with printPRN.bat file

1. In My Computer or Windows Explorer, click the View menu, and then click Options.

2. Click the File Types tab.

3. In the list of file types, click NEW TYPE.

a. In the 'Description of type' window, type Print *.prn file .

b. Click on the (lower) NEW button.

c. In the ACTION window, enter Open

d. In the 'Application used to perform function' window, enter c:\printPRN.bat

e. Exit out by clicking ENTER all the way.

For Help on an item, click ? at the top of the dialog box, and then click the item.

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View the reply source  Reply 6 by David (in Delta) Palmquist on 2004-01-14 02:56:49
Sounds awfully complicated. As an alternative, try PDFCreator from ! If acts as a printer, but sends the info to a PDF file which you can open in Adobe Acrobat.

View the reply source  Reply 7 by How to create file PRN?? on 2005-01-07 13:23:28
How to create file PRN??

View the reply source  Reply 8 by AD_G on 2005-02-02 00:22:00
If you print from a Windows program and choose to save the print output as a file, most likely you'll end-up with a *.PRN (created using a PCL printer driver) or a *.PS file (created using a PostScript printer driver).
Once you have this *.PRN (or *.PS) file, it's very easy to send them to the printer to finally get a print out:

Go to the "DOS Prompt" or the "Command Prompt"
Assuming that the file you're about to print is called my_chart.prn and your printer is connected to LPT1: (parallel port number one), type:

COPY my_chart.prn LPT1 /B

and press ENTER

View the reply source  Reply 9 by Troy on 2005-02-15 16:59:04
Thanks for this post! I can't beleive i forgot this...

View the reply source  Reply 10 by Rob den Heijer on 2005-02-16 05:38:09
Correct. Don't try this with the .ps file, though.

View the reply source  Reply 11 by Esben on 2005-03-08 07:39:06

I have a program, that created a PRN dokument, and i would like to know which drawers i would use i the printer..

Does anyone know a program to view these values?



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