Upgrade from Version 1 to Version 2.75

If you are a registered user of NoteWorthy Composer Version 1, you are eligible for special upgrade pricing to Version 2.75. Upgrade Order Page

Once you have purchased the upgrade to Version 2.75, the following may be helpful...

  1. Question: I bought the CD. Are there any specific, detailed installation instructions available (before I just push the "install" button)?

    Answer: If you purchased the CD, then the install instructions are basically to click the Install NWC2 link from the CD menu, then follow the prompts.

  2. Question: Does NWC2 totally replace my earlier version?

    Answer: No, NWC2 will install separately from NWC1.

  3. Question: Do I need to uninstall my earlier version first?

    Answer: No, you can keep NWC1 as well. We recommend keeping it until you are sure that you have everything organized and backed up.

  4. Question: When I install 2.75 will all my 1.75 songs still be there without any change?

    Answer: Installing NWC2 does not make any changes to files created with NWC1, or to the actual NWC1 program files.

  5. Question: Will I be able to safely access and edit all my old (1.75) songs with 2.75?

    Answer: Yes. You will need to use File, Open and then navigate to the folder that contains your NWC 1.75 files. You probably want to setup the Tools, Options, Folders area in NWC2 to match your folder structure.

  6. Question: Are the songs tied to the particular version or are they separate and accessible by either version?

    Answer: If you save a file in NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75, it cannot be opened in NWC1.

  7. Question: Is there anything I need to be aware of to safeguard all my songs before I install 2.75?

    Answer: It is always a good idea to maintain backups of your files, especially the ones that you have created.

    We recommend that you:

    1. Install NWC2

    2. Install User Tools

    3. If you want to work with both NWC1 and NWC2, you probably want to install the NWC Viewer, which can be used to automatically open version 1.75 files in NWC1, and version 2 files in NWC2.

  8. Question: How do I fix the AutoSave errors?
    Question: How do I save my customizations to the toolbars?

    Answer: These errors can be caused by the settings in Tools, Options, Folders. We provide a utility that can automatically remap the AutoSave and Config folders to a special area in your Windows account. Simply run the following program:


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