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NoteWorthy Composer 2 is a music composition and notation processor for Windows. It provides for the creation, play back, and printing of your own musical scores. It will also save your compositions to other MIDI applications, thus making your compositions available to a wide variety of music software on the market today. Additionally, NoteWorthy Composer 2 is able to automatically convert standard MIDI files into notation, thus enabling the exploration of existing songs that you may have on your machine already.

This section introduces the application, assists in installing and setting it up, and facilitates getting comfortable with its capabilities. The following areas are covered in this introduction:

What’s New:
A summary of the new features added in the program in recent releases.

Getting Started:
You have just installed NoteWorthy Composer 2, and you are not sure where to go from here? This section can help.

Common Questions:
Commonly asked questions and our answers. Try looking here before asking for assistance.

Command Reference:
A description of all menu commands, keyboard shortcuts, and tool bar buttons is provided in this reference. Select these reference sources if you want to know what something in the NoteWorthy Composer 2 application does or how it works.

Getting Support:
If you want or need support, we can help. This tells you where and how to ask for help.

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