Where are my *.nwc song files?

If you have changed computers, reinstalled programs, upgraded, etc and now cannot find your *.nwc song files, here are some tips.....

Files are not kept within the NoteWorthy Composer program. The files are on your hard drive (if that is where you saved song files to) and accessed by your Operating System file system. If that is Windows, you could use an Explorer Window to open the file folders to where you have your NoteWorthy Composer song files. From an Explorer window, simply type Ctrl+F and the find utility will open. From there, you can search for your files by name. Use the "Look in" box to specify all of your drives, select "Include subfolders", then specify the name of one of the files that you are trying to find.

Also, from within NoteWorthy Composer - Tools: Options, Folders, Song Files - you can see the location of where song files are saved.

If you have no idea where your song files are stored, there is a search feature for the Explorer Window and you could search all folders for .nwc

If you are using both NWC Version 1 and NWC Version 2, you may want to copy and paste (or cut and paste) all the Version 1 song files to a new folder where you are keeping your Version 2 files. Or a least put them in the same area - a Version 1 folder and a Version 2 folder both under a NWC Song Files folder.

Or, you can leave all the song files in the folder where you have them on your computer and simply change in NoteWorthy Composer the default of the folder to look for File: Open (this is in Tools: Options, Folder)

Or, you could do nothing and each time you File: Open - navigate to the folder where your song files are saved.

**If you have changed operating systems to Vista/Windows 7 - it works with a Virtual File Store Area.

Your files may be hidden in an area like this--
C:\Users\\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files

What happens to my song files when I uninstall NoteWorthy Composer?

In general, your song files are safe when using the uninstall utility. If you do an "Automatic" uninstall, only the files originally installed by the setup will be removed. However, there are two scenarios where your song files are at risk:

Scenario #1:

  1. You store your files in the NoteWorthy Composer program sub-folder "Samples"

  2. You use the same filenames as the existing samples installed by the program

Scenario #2:

  1. You store your files in the NoteWorthy Composer program folder

  2. When uninstalling, you perform a "Custom" uninstall

  3. During the custom uninstall, you tell the removal utility to remove the NoteWorthy Composer program directory

If you fit into one of these two scenarios, then you should immediately rearrange your filing system on your computer. You should never store your own files in the same directory as program files. We recommend that you keep your song files in a separate folder. You can configure NWC to use this folder from Tools | Options | Folders. If you are using Windows 95 or better, a good place to keep your own files is the "My Documents" folder on your C: partition. It is then an easy process to backup your files, as they are all filed within a single folder hierarchy.

If you have not implemented a backup strategy, this should be your next planned action. Nothing is more important than protecting your work product. You can always reinstall your programs, but you can never recover your hard work unless you keep good and frequent backups.

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