Examples of Insert: Object...

The command Insert: Object... is covered in the User Guide on Page 37 and the plugins that make Objects possible are covered in the Object Plugins Forum Thread.

To see Objects in action (and some other features), check out these sample song files (using File: Open Sample):

Sample Song Uses
Anchors Aweigh Arpeggio.ms, GuitarChord.ms
Caprice6 Tremolo.ms, Ottavamatic.ms, Slur.ms, Acciaccatura.ms
Das Weinen VerseNumbers.ms, Slur Markers, Articulation Markers
JINGLE ChordPlay.nw
Memnon Tremolo.ms, TremoloSingle.ms, Collapsible Sections, Slur Markers, Layering
NOWELL Melismatic.nw
PageTxtMaestro PageTxtMaestro.nw, PageTxt.nw
SAVEQUEN Melismatic.nw, VerseNumbers.ms
Tavisupleba Lyrics with Unicode font, Melismatic.nw, Ottavamatic.ms, Tremolo.ms

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