Chant - stemless & shape notes, hidden bar lines, 4 line staff

Here are methods to access some of the features you may need when writing Chant notation:

If you need to have notes with no stems, enter all your notes, then

  1. Place the insertion point at the start of the staff
  2. Press Shift+End to select/highlight the entire staff
  3. Press Alt+Enter (for notation properties)
  4. Check Override Stem Length, set to 0
  5. Click OK

The note stems will show in the editor in the color you have selected for Hidden Notation (Tools: Options, Color), but they will not print.

If you need to hide bar lines, time signature, clef, key signature, etc. Remember, NoteWorthy Composer does require bar lines to know where to wrap for printing.

  1. Select/Highlight the item
  2. Press Alt+Enter
  3. Under the Visibility tab, set Show on printed page to Never
  4. Click OK

The item will change to the Hidden Notation color.

To replace all printing barlines with hidden barlines at once,

  1. Press Shift+End to select/highlight the entire staff.
  2. Ctrl+F3 (Edit Filtered Properties)
  3. Click the box with the 4 dots and choose Bar Line
  4. Click Next
  5. Under the Visibility tab, set Show on printed page to Never, Click OK

All the bar lines will be changed to the Hidden Notation color and will not print.

Do you need a square or diamond notehead? Notes: Noteheads, choose the shape

Need 4 line staff? F2 (Staff: Staff Properties), Visual tab, Staff Lines, set to 4

Need a Double Whole Note? Copy these lines and paste into a NWC staff


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