Find feature for notes and symbols

Go to Edit: Find (quick key Ctrl+F) to set what you would like to find on a staff.

-To find text entered with Insert: Text, simply type the text into the box.
-To find any other item, enter its text representation. (The box with the 4 dots will provide a list of common searchable items and enter it on the search line once selected.)

Examples of text representations:
will find any quarter notes

will find any quarter notes or quarter rests

will find Tempo Base set to Quarter and Tempo set to 120

will find any Tempo entered on the staff

To find the text representation of an item on the staff

1. Select (Highlight) a single item on the staff
2. Edit: Copy (Ctrl+C)
3. Paste directly into the Find What box or into a text editor

Edit: Find Next (F3) will find the next item on the staff.

The command Edit: Filtered Properties… (quick key Ctrl+F3) can be used to edit a group of items all at once. For example, to change all text expressions from one word to another or, to change the color of all the barlines at one time. The command uses the same character representations the Find command uses (examples shown above).

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