Playback Instrument Sound Quality

Factors influencing sound quality
The sonic quality of the play back and the instruments available in NoteWorthy Composer are a function of:

Most new computers provide MIDI sounds using wave table synthesis, most commonly implemented via the CPU using software synthesis.

My new computer doesn't sound as good as my old one
If your new system uses an integrated sound card (on the motherboard), then it is common for the sound to be inferior, out of the box, compared to older systems that probably had a dedicated sound card (such as something from the Creative SoundBlaster line of cards).

If your new computer is using wave table synthesis, then much of the quality of your instrument sound depends on the samples being used. As an initial test, try each MIDI device available on the system, one at a time (from Tools, Options, MIDI). If none of them sound good to you, then consider changing the instrument set being used, assuming your new system includes support for sound fonts.

You may want to search on the forum for discussion about sound and sound fonts.

Also, check this Step by Step for using Soundfonts at our amazing NWC User Sponsored Site -

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