Making an audio CD of *.nwc files

In order to create an audio CD, you will need:

The steps to creating the audio CD are roughly as follows:

  1. In NWC use File: Export to save your work as a Type 1 MIDI file. Repeat this step for all NWC files that you want to include on your CD.

  2. Open the newly created MIDI file in you MIDI to digital audio conversion software. If you do not have a program that performs this task, a good starter program is SynthFont, which can be found at:

    You can use SynthFont to convert your MIDI files directly to .wav or .mp3. Since it supports soundfonts, you have a great deal of control over how the final results will sound.

  3. For best results, convert the MIDI file performance into a 16-bit stereo .wav file. If you want to save disk space, you might want to use a compressed audio format such as .mp3. You should make sure that your CD burner software supports mp3 files before opting for this format.

    Repeat this step for each MIDI file that you created in the last step.

  4. Now use your CD burning software to select the *.wav files created from the last step. When burning, make sure that you select the Audio CD format if you want the CD to be playable by the largest number of CD players.

    If you have a CD player that plays mp3 CDs, then you might prefer to create mp3 files in the previous step. Then, you can simply save these files onto a data CD.

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