Clef Change and Key Change

Clef Change Procedure

  1. Select the clef, press Alt+Enter to access the clef dialog box, and change it as necessary.

  2. Press Home, then Shift+End, which selects the whole staff (you can also left click the mouse and drag across the notes to the end).

  3. Press Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow until the notes are at the proper position for the new clef

  4. Press F9 (View: Refresh Score) to update the key signature.

Key Change Procedure

  1. Use Tools: Force Accidentals to assign an accidental to each note.

  2. Select the key signature, and change it using Alt+Enter. If no key exists, then use Insert: Key Signature (or K) to enter a key signature at the beginning of the staff.

  3. Select Tools: Audit, Audit Accidentals to update notes to the key.

  4. If necessary to change the enharmonic spelling of notes, select Tools: Audit, Audit Enharmonic Spelling.

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