What happens to my song files when I uninstall NoteWorthy Composer?

In general, your song files are safe when using the uninstall utility. If you do an "Automatic" uninstall, only the files originally installed by the setup will be removed. However, there are two scenarios where your song files are at risk:

Scenario #1:

  1. You store your files in the NoteWorthy Composer program sub-folder "Samples"

  2. You use the same filenames as the existing samples installed by the program

Scenario #2:

  1. You store your files in the NoteWorthy Composer program folder

  2. When uninstalling, you perform a "Custom" uninstall

  3. During the custom uninstall, you tell the removal utility to remove the NoteWorthy Composer program directory

If you fit into one of these two scenarios, then you may want to change your filing system on your computer. You should never store your own files in the same directory as program files. Keep your song files in a separate folder. You can configure NWC to use this folder from Tools: Options, Folders tab. A good place to keep your own files is the "Documents" folder on your C: partition. It is then an easy process to backup your files.

What if I already uninstalled NWC and I cannot find my song files?

After uninstalling and then installing a new version, some people confuse the absence of their NWC file history as having lost their song files (they no longer show up in the File: History command). If this is the case, then you will find your song files on your computer in the location where they are still stored.

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