Add lyrics to MIDI files

You can save your song file as a MIDI File using the File|Export command. If lyrics are present in any non-muted staff, they will be exported along with the performance data. When saving to a Type 0 MIDI file, only one lyric is exported since all data is saved into a single performance track.

The actual lyrics are exported exactly like they play back in NoteWorthy Composer. The lyric syllables are included in the MIDI data just like they are highlighted when playing in NoteWorthy Composer.

If you want to see the results of your play back, a good MIDI player can be found at:

Note: When using the vanBasco's Karaoke Player, any lyric syllable that is right at the start of the song, on the first note of the song, with no instrumental introduction, may fail to appear in vanBasco's player. This is true as of vanBasco's Karaoke Player version 2.52.

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