Song file not print properly or at all

If your song file prints only the first system running off the right side of the page or in another improper manner, check the following:

  1. Make sure you have notated the song correctly. When editing a song in NoteWorthy Composer, the staff (or staves) extends to the right as if on a time axis. When you Print or Print Preview the staff (or staves), it will be wrapped like in sheet music. Look at the sample song jingle.nwc. This is a song with 2 staves. Notice that on the display screen, the staves move to the right. But if you go to File: Print Preview, the staves are wrapped.

  2. Make sure you have bar lines in the staves. NoteWorthy Composer uses the bar lines to break the staff for printing. If you want a song without bar lines, you can mark the bar lines non-printing. See faq #34 (How can I access more properties for an item?) for information on hiding an item.

  3. Make sure you have the correct count per measure. Use Tools: Audit, Audit Bar Lines on each staff to check this. If you need 2 voices on a staff, you will need to use Staff Layering. See faq #24 (How are 2 voices on a staff notated for satb?) for details.

  4. Make sure all staves are the same length.

If your song file will not play or print:

Check the flow of your song. If NoteWorthy Composer cannot follow the flow of the song, it may not be able to print it and probably will not be able to play it. See the topic Working with Repeats, Flow Directions and Special Endings for help on control flow changes.

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