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Common Questions

All of the most common questions are included below. Simply click on the answer link to find out more about any question listed below.

Getting Started

  1. How do I start using the most recent new features? Answer
  2. What is the best way to get started using NWC? Answer
  3. How do I create a MIDI File (*.mid)? Answer
  4. How do I enter more than one staff? Answer
  5. How do I work with chords - notes aligned vertically? Answer
  6. What is the procedure to change notes to a new clef? Answer
  7. Is there an easy way to change the key of a song? Answer
  8. What does Preserve Width mean? Answer
  9. Why are my Beam and Triplet commands not available? Answer
  10. Is there a way to quickly edit symbols? Answer
  11. What is the fastest way to notate with NoteWorthy Composer? Answer
  12. How do I make more space between staves so the notes do not intersect? Answer
  13. How do I enter a multi-measure rest? Answer
  14. How do I Audit Bar Lines with a pick up note (anacrusis)? Answer
  15. Where do I select how I want the staves to be connected? Answer
  16. How do I skip notes that I do not want to have lyrics? Answer
  17. Can you move a note instead of deleting and re-entering it? Answer
  18. Is there a way to put notes closer together on the staff? Answer
  19. How can an icon be forced to stay on, or active? Answer
  20. How do I create my own templates? Answer
  21. How does the Linear Sweep Contour in the MPC work? Answer

Play and Sound

  1. How can other people play back my .NWC files if they do not have NoteWorthy Composer? Answer
  2. Is there a loop play function in NoteWorthy Composer? Answer
  3. How does the Multi-point Controller work? Answer
  4. Do I always have to start play back from the beginning? Answer
  5. Why does a note sometimes keep playing all through an entire song, as if it were stuck on? Answer
  6. How can I play back only one staff of my song? Answer


  1. How do I set up to use a MIDI keyboard with NWC? Answer
  2. How do I record live play from my MIDI keyboard? Answer
  3. How do I use my MIDI keyboard to select the pitch for notes I want to enter at my own pace, not live - step time? Answer

Import & Export

  1. What is imported when a MIDI file has lyrics? Answer
  2. Does NWC support karaoke (*.kar) files? Answer


  1. Is there a dictionary for the music terms in NWC? Answer
  2. Can I move the tool bars to be vertical on the side instead of across the top? Answer
  3. Do you have a chart mapping the American note duration names to the English? Answer
  4. Can I move my score to another application, like a word processor? Answer


  1. How do I get play back to work? Answer
  2. My system is cutting off notation symbols, is there a work around? Answer
  3. Why does the printed copy cut off the bottom copyright? Answer
  4. I am trying to run NoteWorthy Composer for the first time and it says I do not have enough memory. Why? Answer

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