NoteWorthy Composer Screen Shot

Working with NoteWorthy Composer

Creating and editing songs in NoteWorthy Composer is simple. To start a new song click on the New icon or press Ctrl+N. A Song Templates dialog box will appear allowing you to select a preformatted style, such as piano or start a song file with a blank staff. Then a Song Author dialog box will prompt you for title and author info and you are on your way to notating.

Notes are entered by clicking a duration icon, then pressing Enter or clicking a key on the piano. Rests are entered the same way, except you press the space bar, or click the rest icon next to the piano. Most of the commands have corresponding keyboard shortcuts to make notating even faster. For example, bar lines can be inserted quickly by pressing the tab key.

The screen shot above shows the NoteWorthy Composer work space. The dockable toolbars allow you to click and drag them to the best position for you. You can also add and delete available icons on the toolbars.

When you play back your song, the screen will scroll forward as the played notes are highlighted.

Once you have finished your song, you can print an individual player's part, a grouping of parts or a full conductor score.

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