Download NoteWorthy Composer Winamp Plug-in

NoteWorthy Composer files can be added to your Winamp play list using this plugin. Once you have downloaded and installed the plug-in, you can add *.nwc and *.nwctxt files to your Winamp play list, and they will play back in a similar fashion to how they are handled by the NoteWorthy Composer Viewer program.

Download the NWC WinAmp Plugin Now

NoteWorthy Composer 2.5 Winamp Plug-in (252 KB)
System Requirements: Winamp Media Player

After you download the plug-in, simply run it and let it install into the standard Winamp location, which comes up by default. Once installed, the next time you run Winamp, support for NoteWorthy Composer *.nwc and *.nwctxt files will automatically be supported in your Winamp play list via the "in_nwc.dll" input plug-in. This plug-in is automatically used when you add NWC files to the Winamp play list. You can review the plug-in version and reconfigure its behavior using Winamp Preferences:

Winamp Preferences

Winamp Preferences Input Plug-ins

NWC Winamp Plug-in Item

Identifying the NWC Winamp Plug-in
  1. Within Winamp, press Ctrl+P to open the Winamp Preferences dialog
  2. In Preferences, select the Input item in the Plug-ins preferences section
  3. Select the plug-in titled "NWC File Player"
  4. You can use the About button to determine the plug-in version installed on your computer

Changing the NWC Winamp Plug-in Configuration

  1. Within Winamp, complete steps 1 through 3 above
  2. You can use the Configure button to control some features of the plug-in:
    • Defer play length calculation until play back
      This option controls when new *.nwc files will be assigned a time length after they have been added. When enabled, this option makes adding new *.nwc files much faster, as their play lengths will not be calculated until the song is actually played.
    • Ending song delay (in seconds)
      This option can be used to add a delay period to the end of any *.nwc song play back, which can be useful when you use a synthesizer that is prone to prematurely cut-off the sound at the end of a song. A value between 2 and 5 works best in these situations.
    • Play back device
      This option sets the MIDI device that will be used for play back.


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