Update from Version 2.x to Version 2.75a

If you have a registered NoteWorthy Composer Version 2 release installed on your computer (check Help: About in the program to see what version you have) and would like the free update to NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75a:

  1. Open NoteWorthy Composer

  2. Go to Help: Access noteworthy...com to download the update file

List of additions in this version

If you receive a message that you cannot update, the program is invalid, this is because the version on your computer is not seen as a valid installation - this could be because the program files were copied and pasted from another location (not by running the exe file to install) or program files have been changed/deleted or other files added.

You should reinstall NoteWorthy Composer from the file you downloaded at purchase and backed-up. Depending on the version you purchased the file could be - setup_nwc2.exe, setup_nwc275.exe, setup_nwc21.exe, setup_nwc25.exe, etc.

Then go to Help: AccessNoteWorthySoftware.com to download the update

If you are a registered user of NoteWorthy Composer Version 1, you are eligible for special upgrade pricing to Version 2.75a: Upgrade Order Page

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