MIDI Keyboard Input

Equipment Needed
To get NoteWorthy Composer to accept input from a MIDI keyboard, you need:

When an external MIDI keyboard is setup correctly on your system, you only need to do the following to use it in NWC for MIDI input:

If you have problems getting your MIDI keyboard input to work, here are a few things to try:

  1. Make sure your keyboard is MIDI capable.

  2. Make sure the cables are connected correctly. Some systems like MIDI In to MIDI In and some like MIDI In to MIDI Out. Even though there is a standard some do it the opposite.

  3. In NWC, Tools:Options, Record tab, make sure you have selected the In Port of your sound card. (You may even want to go through each selection and test).

  4. Make sure that you have not created a MIDI feedback loop. Turn off the MIDI Echo feature until you have confirmed successful MIDI input without it enabled.

  5. Review the procedures below for step input and live recording.

If you still cannot record, the problem is most likely the device driver for the input of your soundcard. You should re-install from the setup disk that came with your sound card. If this does not correct the problem, get the latest update driver software from your sound card manufacturer.

You may also want to search the forum for ideas - for USB connection, you specific equipment, MIDI cable, etc.

How do I casually enter notes from my MIDI keyboard - step time?

  1. Tools: Options, Record tab

  2. If not set, select the Input Device Driver for your system

  3. MIDI tab - set MIDI Port Usage to While Active or Always

  4. Tools: Play: MIDI Input Active

The MIDI keyboard will enter the pitch, durations can be set with the computer keyboard quick keys.

How do I record live play from my MIDI keyboard?

  1. Tools: Options, Record tab

  2. If not set, select the Input Device Driver for your system

    The options listed here are based on the drivers you have installed on your computer for hardware that will accept MIDI input. If you have more than one device - try each one. If you have no devices, you need to install the drivers for the hardware (this may be the in port of your soundcard midi/joystick, your midi interface card, etc).

  3. Still on the Record tab, under Import Options, select the placement of the completed notated recording

    It would be easiest to start with "New Window"

    This field controls how a recorded MIDI performance will be handled after the recording is completed. The choices for handling the recorded data are:

    New window: A new score window will be created with the imported notation from the performance

    'Record' group: The imported staff or staves will be added to the current score. They will be placed in a group called 'Record'. If the group already exists, then the import will add a staff to the group. If the group does not exist, it will be created.

    Buffer only: The recorded performance will simply be captured into the record buffer, but no import actions will be performed. In this case, the Import Recording command must be used to import the performance.

  4. Click OK

  5. Use File: New to access a rhythm template to use as background play for the record feature

    You must have a song playing in the background. A background song is required to keep the beat for NWC to capture the notes that you are playing. It will not be recorded with your song. It will not be printed with your song. If you do not have a background song playing, you will not be able to do live recording.

    You can use one of the Rhythm templates or a file with a beat that you created. You must have a background song playing.

  6. Tools: Record (F4)

    Go to the Tools menu and select record or press the quick key F4.

  7. Play your MIDI keyboard

    Play your song on the midi keyboard. Nothing will show on NWC yet, except the background song playing back.

  8. F6 to stop recording (or recording will stop at end of background song)

  9. Recording will appear where you set it in Import Options

    If you used New Window, a new window will appear with your recording.

How can I get left hand and right hand staves to show on recording?
When recording, here are some settings to get the 2 staves from right hand and left hand:

See also:

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