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Piano Bar Control

The piano bar control can be used to input notes, as well as to view keyboard pitch information related to the active staff.

A single piano bar can be added to the program's toolbars using View, Toolbars. The Customize button opens an interface where buttons can be added or deleted, including the piano bar. The piano bar can be added or removed using the tool named Piano Control. The size and number of keys for the piano is controlled by the Piano Style button in View, Toolbars.

Creating a Chord

You can use the piano to create a chord by using both the left and right mouse buttons. Click and hold the first note of the chord using the left mouse button, then strike the remaining notes in the chord using the right mouse button. Release the left mouse button when the chord is complete.

Creating a Custom Piano Style

The piano styles are defined in a file called piano.ini. The default piano styles can be found in program files folder. If you want to create your own piano style, you should create or copy the "piano.ini" file in the program’s Config folder. You can use the default file as a basis for creating your own version. When creating your own piano styles, you can also create custom highlight and play colors used by the piano, in addition to specifying its size and number of keys.

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