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User Tool Command

This command is used to access custom user tools.

This mechanism takes advantage of the fact that everything in a *.nwc files can be represented as text. When invoking a user tool, the current notation selection (or the entire file) is converted to a text representation, then passed to the the tool via its standard input. The tool can then change/process the notation, and either return an updated notation clip, or a report of information about the clip.

The program includes a built-in Lua scripting engine that can be used to create your own user tools. Additionally, any console mode scripting language capable of loading, parsing, and outputting text can be utilized for user tools, including PHP, Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and others. You can use the New, Copy, Edit, and Remove buttons to customize your list of user tools. You can also add Lua scripts to your collection of user tools by dragging and dropping them onto the main program window. In addition to the built-in Lua option, we also offer a complete PHP based scripting solution, including many useful tools, from our web site.

Users can also create, exchange, and discuss user tools from our forum dedicated to User Tools.


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