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Midi Options Dialog Tab

The following fields are included in this tab for controlling various MIDI options:

Available play devices

This is all the devices that are not currently being used for play back. You can move any device to the "used list" by double clicking it.

Devices used by play back

This is the devices that can be used during play back, in the order that they will appear in device selection boxes, such as the one associated with each staff. You can remove a device from this list, thus restoring it to the list of available devices, by double clicking it.

Start Countdown

This box controls the count down, in seconds, that is used before play actually begins.

Play notes on entry

This controls whether new notes are played as they are entered from the computer keyboard.


This box controls where the program starts the play back of an active score. You can elect to always start playback from the beginning of the score, or several places closer to the current insertion point.

Port Usage

This box controls when MIDI devices are in use by the program. This is important if you are using other MIDI applications at the same time as NoteWorthy Composer 2. The following variations are available:

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