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FAQ: Does NWC support karaoke (*.kar) files?

Karaoke files conform to the Official MIDI Specification, but include custom text formats for the inclusion of lyrics and other text. Karaoke files do not utilize the standard Lyric Meta Event for inclusion of song lyrics. Karaoke files use the general purpose Text Meta Event for inclusion of lyrics. NoteWorthy Composer will import lyric text events from a karaoke file as long as the file name has the correct *.kar file extension. The import uses the same procedure as described in "What is imported when a MIDI file has lyrics?", except the lyric text is derived from the Text Meta Event, rather than the official Lyric Meta Event.

On export to a MIDI file, NoteWorthy Composer uses the standard Lyric Meta Event for saving lyrics into a standard MIDI file. NoteWorthy Composer does not save files using the custom Karaoke File (*.kar) format extensions. It uses the standard defined by the Official MIDI Specification.

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