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FAQ: Setting up a MIDI keyboard

To get MIDI keyboard input to work, here are a few things to try:

  1. Make sure your keyboard is MIDI capable.
  2. Make sure the cables are connected correctly. Some systems like MIDI In to MIDI In and some like MIDI In to MIDI Out. Even though there is a standard some do it the opposite.
  3. In NWC, Tools:Options, Record tab, make sure you have selected the In Port of your sound card. (You may even want to go through each selection and test).
  4. Make sure you are following the proper procedures for MIDI keyboard input - listed in the next 2 questions and answers.p

If you still cannot record, the problem is most likely the device driver for the input of your soundcard. You should re-install from the setup disk that came with your sound card. If this does not correct the problem, get the latest update driver software from your sound card manufacturer.

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