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FAQ: Embed notation image in another application

If you are writing a paper on music or putting together a music test, you may want to insert parts of staves or songs from NoteWorthy Composer 2 into another application, like a word processor. To do this:

In the 16-bit version, you have the option of copying to the clipboard or directly to a file (.bmp or .wmf). In the 32-bit version, after clicking Copy, the information will be place in the Windows clipboard automatically. The information in the clipboard is in Windows metafile (.wmf) format.

Tips: Some variables to change in the Print, Page Setup and Printer Setup commands for better bitmap (.bmp) performance:

  1. Printer: The higher the printer resolution, the larger the file, which requires more RAM for using the file. For example, if the printer is set for your laser printer and the bitmap cannot be created, select your fax software.
  2. Font size: If you will be placing the staff in a smaller area, selecting a smaller font size in NoteWorthy Composer 2 should give better results.
  3. Margins: If you only want the staff to take up 4 inches in width by two inches in height in the other application, go ahead and set those margins in NoteWorthy Composer 2.

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