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FAQ: Recording a live MIDI performance

If you have a MIDI keyboard and the necessary MIDI cables and equipment for your computer, you can capture a live performance and have it notated all within NoteWorthy Composer 2. This is setup as follows:

  1. Tools: Options, Record tab
  2. If not set, select the Input Device Driver for your system
  3. Under Import Options, select the placement of the completed notated recording
  4. Click OK
  5. Use File: New to access a rhythm template to use as background play for the record feature
  6. Tools: Record (F4)
  7. Play your MIDI keyboard
  8. F6 to stop recording (or recording will stop at end of background song)
  9. Recording will appear where you set it in Import Options

The performer must synchronize the playing of the keyboard with the tempo that is played by NoteWorthy Composer 2. This is how the program figures out the duration of each note when converting the performance to notation.

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