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FAQ: Problems with play back

One thing that it could be is, what will happen with the sound is other midi applications may hold the sound card and not allow NWC to have access. this problem is generally caused by Microsoft's Media Player altering the system mixer volume settings. Other audio players are also occasionally guilty of this behavior. For example, if you have used Windows Media Player and used the pause feature and then try to use NWC afterwards you will not have sound.

One quick check is in NWC, go to Tools: Windows Volume Control and make sure that all volumes are up.

If that does not work in Windows XP and earlier, you can correct this from your system's volume/mixer control by doing the following:

- Press the Windows Start button
- Select Run
- Enter "Sndvol32.exe" and press Enter

Microsoft changed the name for the volume control utility in Vista, so the best way to go to the system volume control is to actually double click the speaker icon in the Vista tray (usually in the lower right of the screen).

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