NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage

The NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage highlights registered users of NoteWorthy Composer who have been a significant help to other NoteWorthy Composer users, participate in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum in a positive manner, and/or make great effort to distribute their compositions and arrangements in NoteWorthy Composer file format.

Ann Macfarlane

Ann has been a registered user since June 2000. She is extremely active in the NoteWorthy Composer Newsgroup with her ever friendly and courteous posts. Her assistance in music theory has been of great benefit to many users. Whether she is commenting on your score or you are just following her comments on someone else’s score, you can learn a lot from Ann. Not only is she knowledgeable and attentive to detail, but she is encouraging and motivating to fellow composers.

As for her background in music, Ann is a pianist with, as she says, a few years of cello study thrown in. Her interests are mainly classical, although she also enjoys much jazz. She graduated from Glasgow University in Scotland with a B. Mus degree, and now lives, in her words, on the Atlantic side of the exquisitely beautiful South African Cape Peninsula. There she teaches subject and practical music at the local high school, as well as doing a little private teaching. She plays in several chamber groups, and is currently very busy as musical director for this year's production "The Boyfriend."

She finds NoteWorthy Composer invaluable for teaching purposes, and has successfully created many teaching notes and exam papers combining musical examples into Word documents. She says transposition is now so much easier, especially for all the vocal productions. Ann continually arranges and composes for the chamber concerts that are given at regular intervals.

In regards to her online experience with NoteWorthy Composer, Ann says, “I enjoy participating in the Forum and Newsgroup where I have met such a wonderfully cosmopolitan, friendly and helpful group of people, and through them am constantly learning marvelous new musical things.”

You can see a few of Ann’s notated scores and original works on the NoteWorthy Composer Scriptorium

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