NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage

The NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage highlights registered users of NoteWorthy Composer who have been a significant help to other NoteWorthy Composer users, participate in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum in a positive manner, and/or make great effort to distribute their compositions and arrangements in NoteWorthy Composer file format.

Tina Billett

*** N O T I C E ***
Tina was featured in this Center Stage on 17 June 2003. Sadly, Tina Billett died of a heart attack in January 2008. The rest of this Center Stage entry remains unaltered as a tribute to Tina and the amazing things she could do with NWC notation. You can also find some of her amazing work in the NoteWorthy Composer 2 Samples folder, as well as the links below. For more, there is a topic about Tina in our forum.
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Tina has been involved with NoteWorthy Composer since 1998. Like many NoteWorthy Composer users, Tina does not play any musical instrument. As she tells it - "not for lack of trying, I'm just no good at it! Noteworthy Composer allows me to fulfill a musical ambition, which would otherwise fall by the wayside."

She says that she uses NWC "to notate (mainly) large orchestral works from the scores and try to carry out the wishes of the original composer, so far as I can determine what those are. The friendly and helpful NWC users on the newsgroup soon put me right if I make a mess of things."

Having notated all the Beethoven Symphonies she is now working her way through Tchaikovsky's. The NoteWorthy Composer Scriptorium has created The Tina Billett Beethoven Files page to showcase her achievement. You can also check out her work at her site, Keyboard Creations, where she has over 93 *.nwc song files.

In addition to notation, she is working on a beginner's guide to the NWC Multi-point Controller Command. If you take a look at the amazing scores she has notated, you can see she has mastered MPC, as well as the other features of NoteWorthy Composer. Many users learn techniques by looking at her scores.

Tina is a 63 year-old, retired number cruncher, and lives in Surrey, England. She likes most kinds of music, but mainly classical.

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