NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage

The NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage highlights registered users of NoteWorthy Composer who have been a significant help to other NoteWorthy Composer users, participate in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum in a positive manner, and/or make great effort to distribute their compositions and arrangements in NoteWorthy Composer file format.

Grant Hicks

Grant has been active in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum and Newsgroup since 1998. His interests in music are primarily classical, with some jazz and humor on the side. Of his many contributions to the Scriptorium, the work most mentioned by fellow users is his "Birthday Variations."

Grant studied theory and composition at Oberlin Conservatory and continues to compose at irregular intervals. His hymn and carol settings have been performed by church choirs and independent choruses in the Boston, MA area, where he lives. He sings baritone with a very good amateur chorus based in Cambridge, MA called the Spectrum Singers. Any NWC users are invited to come hear them when in the area.

Grant finds that transcribing a piece of music in NoteWorthy Composer is a great way to learn and study the music - and to share the result with others who may not have experienced it before. He also uses it to produce scores and parts of his own music for performance.

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