NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage

The NoteWorthy Composer Center Stage highlights registered users of NoteWorthy Composer who have been a significant help to other NoteWorthy Composer users, participate in the NoteWorthy Composer Forum in a positive manner, and/or make great effort to distribute their compositions and arrangements in NoteWorthy Composer file format.

Barry Graham

Barry has been a registered user of NWC since 1996. He obtained a site license for the college where he teaches and conducted a short course in computer music and scoring using NWC as the course software. The notes from this course formed the basis for the first version of the Command Summary posted on the NoteWorthy Composer Scriptorium.

Barry is an Alto/Baritone sax player doubling on flute and clarinet. He has worked semi-professionally with small groups in the 50's and big bands during 60's. During the early 70's engaged full-time in TV and studio production as a musician, copyist and occasional arranger. He is currently directing and arranging for a 10 piece band plus vocalists, playing swing, jazz, pop and soul.

Barry says his favourite features of NWC are the qwerty keyboard note entry and editing, (a great boon to a piano-keyboard-challenged reed player with short fingers), the ability to copy sections of the score as metafiles and the ease of printing. He has been active in the NWC Forum, is the creator of the popular BoxMarks font (user tip #56) and has several Helpful File contributions to the Scriptorium.

Approaching retirement, Barry can be found on most week days teaching Civil Engineering, Mapping and Computer Graphics at technical college. On weekends you will find him spearfishing (when the sea is calm), hand-fin surfing (when the surf is up) or painting watercolour seascapes when the weather is colder. The rest of time he just enjoys living with his wife Jocey on this little island called Australia.

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