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NoteWorthy Composer CD

If you registered or purchased an upgrade of NoteWorthy Composer since July 2000, you were sent a copy of NoteWorthy Composer on CD. This CD is required in order to use the setup programs available on this page. If you previously registered NoteWorthy Composer prior to its release on CD and would like the CD, you can order an inexpensive upgrade replacement package. If you have not previously purchased a copy of NoteWorthy Composer, you must purchase a new license.

Upgrade NWC using your CD

NoteWorthy Composer 1.75c (32-bit) from the CD (450 KB) [What's New]

System Requirements: Windows 95 or later (currently includes Windows 95, 98, ME, NT 4, 2000, XP, Vista)

This program installs the 32-bit edition of  NoteWorthy Composer version 1.75c onto your computer using your NWC CD. You can use this setup program to replace a current copy of the program installed on your computer, or to install a new complete copy of the program. After running this install, you will be using the latest version of NoteWorthy Composer. For registered users that do not have a NoteWorthy Composer Version 1 CD, downloads are also available starting at the upgrade page.

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