NoteWorthy Composer Site License Pricing

Site licenses are available for schools, companies and other organizations that would like to install NoteWorthy Composer on more than one computer. The pricing is based on the number of computers on which NoteWorthy Composer will be installed or the number of computers on the network that will use NoteWorthy Composer. Pricing is as follows:

2-5 Computers # x USD $35
+ USD $10 for CD to be shipped
6-50 Computers USD $175 + [(# - 5) x USD $20]
+ USD $10 for CD to be shipped
>50 Computers contact NoteWorthy Software for quote
# is the number of computers at the site to be licensed for use

A 15% discount will be applied to site license orders that total USD $250 or more and are accompanied by payment. In other words, prepaid site license orders for 9 or more computers will be discounted by 15%. If the organization requires an invoice from us to be able to send payment, the organization will not qualify for a prepayment discount.

A site license includes one license certificate for the organization.
This offer is guaranteed through Friday, 02 August 2024. It is subject to change after this date.

Existing site license holders: If your organization is already in possession of a site license, we do allow you to purchase an extension to your site license for the price above with a minimum purchase of USD $40.

Examples of Price Computation:

For more information on site license purchases, send an e-mail to us at

NoteWorthy Composer Classroom

Teachers, check out the FAQ - Using NoteWorthy Composer in the Classroomfor ideas on how to use NoteWorthy Composer in an educational setting.

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