Using NoteWorthy Composer in the Classroom

The following are some suggested applications for using NoteWorthy Composer in the classroom.

Create Tests and/or Study Sheets - Staff sections and entire songs can be copied and pasted into another application, like a word processor. So a key signature can be shown on a staff and the student asked to identify that key. Printed notation instead of handwritten will make tests and study sheets neat and easy to understand. The commands are Edit: Copy Special for a staff section and Print: Preview, Copy for the entire score. See the FAQ entry "Can I copy my score to another application, like a word processor?" for more detail.

Compose and Rearrange - Create original compositions for your band, you know you have something in mind! You can work on them and hear the outcome in private by having NoteWorthy Composer play back all the parts - instead on having your band try it out for the first time. If your group is weak in one area, rearrange a piece to highlight your strengths.

Transpose - Quickly transpose parts for a song that your want the band to play. The command is Tools: Transpose Staff. Also, see the following FAQ entries: Transposing a Staff, Changing Clef and Changing Key.

Print Parts - You can print individuals' parts or the entire score. The command to select certain staves for printing is File: Page Setup, Contents.

Notate Competition Parts - Notate drills and parts that students will be required to perform at competition. Provide these to students in printed format and NoteWorthy Composer file format (*.nwc). If they do not have NoteWorthy Composer, they can use the freeware product, NoteWorthy Composer Viewer to play back the song files.

Experimentation and Hands-on Learning - Allowing the students to use NoteWorthy Composer will enable them to explore the following areas:

Practice - There are several ways NoteWorthy Composer can be used as a practice aid:

Have the Students Compose - A student can compose freely or with set guidelines based on rhythms, melodies, etc. that are being studied. Students get a great sense of accomplishment from creating their own masterpieces. Perhaps a competition can be held for the winning student piece to be played at the next concert or recital.

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