You are viewing the included help system in NoteWorthy Composer Version 2.75a

Getting Started

After installing NoteWorthy Composer 2 on your system, you are now ready to start working with music and playing back existing scores and MIDI files. The following topics help you to get started in this effort.

Working with Song Files:
NoteWorthy Composer 2 comes installed with several complete score files (as well as song excerpts) which are ready to be played back and printed. This section explains how song files are used in NoteWorthy Composer 2.

Configuring for Sound:
NoteWorthy Composer 2 needs to be configured for sound before any scores can be played back. This section explains how to do this.

Creating a New Song:
Once you have successfully played back one or more of the sample songs, you are ready to create your own works. This section will help you get started in this process.

Working in the Score Editor:
Whether you are creating a new song, or changing an existing song, this section can help explain how the score editor works, and how notation can best be placed into the active staff.

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