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Customizing the Toolbar Commands

You can create your own custom images for most commands found in the program's toolbars. The easiest way to do this is by right clicking on any command button, then selecting the Customize action. This will copy the button's image or NWC control file into your current Config folder. An Explorer window will automatically open with the button's image file selected. Make sure to close this Explorer window before activating another Customize action. After editing a command's image file, you should restart the program to see the results.

You can also see all of the command button files that are actually built into the program. You can extract all of the toolbar command files using the following procedure:

  1. Select View, Toolbars
  2. Press the Customize button
  3. Press Alt+X, then confirm that you want to complete this procedure
  4. Select a target folder that will be used to create a NWC-Commands folder

Once this procedure is complete, you will have a new NWC-Commands folder that contains all of the images used in the toolbars, as well a two additional files that provide a list view into the files:

You can now resize or alter the bitmap images as needed. When you are finished with your customizations, you can move or copy the command files into your current Config folder and they will be used automatically after you restart the program.

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