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Bar Line Command

This command adds a standard bar line at the insertion point. This command is most efficiently issued by pressing the <Tab> key from the computer keyboard.

Bar lines need to be added manually during note entry. They must be added to each staff individually. During note entry, the bar lines will, at times, not align with one another in different staves. After completing a section of a song, all bar lines should line up properly. If they do not, then there are duration differences between common measures of the different staves of the section. If you are unable to find the differences, then you might try playing the section back and hearing where the parts differ in their duration. Alternately, you may want to refresh the score. This sometimes clears up anomalies caused by such things as whole measure rests temporarily using an incorrect duration that does not match the time signature (whole note rests always assume the time of a measure as defined by the time signature).

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