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Clef Symbol Command

This command enables treble, bass, alto, tenor, and percussion clef signs to be added at the insertion point. The visual orientation of notes and chords contained in the score is not changed in any way when adding a clef to the score. Key signatures, however, are changed to represent the current clef.

When adding a clef in front of a series of notes previously placed on the staff, the notes can still be moved to reflect the clef change. This is accomplished by selecting the notes that need to be moved. The notes can then be shifted up or down by pressing <Ctrl+Shift+Up Arrow> or <Ctrl+Shift+Down Arrow> until the notes reflect the new clef. Note stem and slur directions can be audited if they are incorrect after this operation.

Although in the natural world the percussion clef does not indicate pitch (due to the nature of percussion notated in this clef), for purposes of MIDI input and play back the percussion clef behaves exactly like bass clef.

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