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Special Ending Command

This command is used to designate that the current measure should be played during specific iterations of a master repeat loop. Up to seven standard iterations are possible. These are labeled 1st Ending through 7th Ending in the Repeat Loop Ending Specification dialog. The last ending, Default D.S./D.C. Ending, is used after a Da capo or Dal Segno instruction (flow redirection) has been performed. The last primary ending and the default ending are usually followed by a Section Close bar line to designate the end of the master repeat section.

The special ending containing the first ending must always appear before any other special ending, and must be concluded using a Master Repeat Close bar line. The special ending may be longer than one measure, but only the first measure will contain a printed marker line on top of it. In addition, the first special ending marker must only appear once before the Master Repeat Close is encountered. If more than one first special ending is defined in a single repeat loop, you may get unexpected results.

Special endings should be added to all staves in a score so that playback is performed properly. The print functionality will automatically suppress the Special Endings that appear on staves other than the top most in a system.

Several examples of repeated sections are available in the Samples folder in the application directory. They are named REPEATx.NWC, where x is a single numeric digit.

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