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Lyrics Command

Lyrics are added to a staff using this command. Each staff can be configured for up to 8 lyric lines, each of which will be automatically aligned to the notes in the staff. You can quickly access the lyric editor dialog, where lyrics are added, by pressing Ctrl+L while in the editor. The lyrics are added within the lyric editor dialog using 9 tabbed property sections.

Configuring Lyrics:

The first property section, the Configuration tab, is used to define the lyric that should be associated with the active staff. A separate tab is then available for each of the lyric lines in the staff. You can control how lyric syllables are aligned with notes on the staff using the align syllable option. You can control where the lyrics are placed vertically in the staff using the placement options.

Option fields include:

Authoring Lyrics:

The remaining property sections, Lyric 1 through 8, are used to enter the actual lyrics. The font used to display and edit the lyrics is the same as that used when printing.

The lyrics that you add here are not assigned to the staff until you press the OK button.

When entering lyrics, you should separate each audible syllable with one of the following separators:

Use of these separator conventions may become more important in later upgrades that may allow "fake book" arrangements.

If you want to include one or more spaces into a single syllable (or utterance), you can use the underscore character ("_") to accomplish this, as long as you have the "Underscore shown as space" option enabled. Any underscores in a lyric are displayed as spaces in the score when this is enabled. Using the underscore, you can have multiple words or syllables associated with a single note event on the score. You can also add space onto the front or at the end of a syllable in order to even out the notation display in the score. You can also use notation properties to force notes and rests to either attach to a lyric syllable, or specifically not attach to a lyric syllable.

Lyric Alignment on the Staff:

When displaying lyrics, each syllable is automatically aligned to the next note in the score. The following rules apply to lyric association to notes in the staff:

  1. Only notes that are not the beneficiary of a slur or tie will be associated with a lyric syllable.
  2. Split stem chords will associate a lyric syllable with the chord component with the smaller duration.
  3. A chord which contains one or more notes that are tied to previous notes will not be associated with a lyric syllable.
  4. Rests are ignored when formatting a lyric line.
  5. Chords which include both a rest and a chord will have an associated lyric syllable. In other words, a chord that is comprised of a rest and a note is considered to be an audible utterance. If you do not wish to attribute a word or syllable to a chord like this, then insert an underscore separated by spaces (or hyphens) in the lyric body at the corresponding syllable position.

Authoring Hints:

It does not matter which order you decide to use when composing a song which includes lyrics. You can author the lyrics first, and then begin to place notes in the staff, or you can add the lyric lines after the notes have been placed. Any lyric utterance which occurs beyond the current duration of the staff is retained and will be displayed as soon as new notes are added to the staff.

If the lyrics are not aligning properly to tied or slurred note groupings, then hit the F9 key to initiate a refresh of the current score (see Refresh Score). This should enable the slur groups to re-synchronize and work correctly.

While in the lyric editor, you can copy a lyric line via the clipboard using standard cut and copy keystrokes. Specifically:

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