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Open Command

This command opens an existing song file in a new window. This existing file is specified through the standard Windows file dialog.

You can open the following file types:

NWC Files
Files created by NoteWorthy Composer itself, which always has a file extension of NWC.

Song Files
This lists all files that NoteWorthy Composer 2 is capable of opening, including *.MID files that conform to the Standard MIDI File specification (i.e. SMF format) and *.NTW files (used by older versions of NoteWorthy Composer).

SMF files are commonly used to exchange music performance data between music sequencer, notation, and algorithmic composition software. Any files with an extension of MID are assumed to be MIDI files when they are opened. When opened, the MIDI file is actually imported, which is a process of converting the performance data contained in the file into standard music notation.

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