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Play Command

This command compiles the active score and begins to play it back over the selected MIDI devices. This command can be quickly activated using the F5 function key, or the play icon on the file tool bar.

If play back proceeds, but no sound is heard, there may not be any MIDI devices selected, or the song uses device ports that do not have devices assigned. The Options command should be used to select which devices will be used during play back (see Options Command). It is also possible that the song uses channels on the currently selected device which are ignored by the device driver. In this situation, the parts in the score should be re-channeled to the range which is recognized by the selected device.

The point where play back begins can be customized to suit your preferences. For example, you can chose to have play back begin from the insertion point, instead of from the beginning of the score. See the Options Command for more information.

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